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Read About Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress There is nothing as important as loving oneself. It is only when a person takes good care of themselves that they can be able to love others. With sleep taking a significant share a person’s life, it makes a lot of sense to enjoy a daily treat of a good night’s sleep. Purchasing a memory foam mattress is the first step towards this goal. Famed for their comfort, memory foam mattresses are the most adaptive mattress type one can choose. These exceptionally comfortable mattresses are made up of two layers, a base layer consisting of resilient foam material and a top layer made up of a responsive Visco-elastic material. This top material is also commonly referred to as memory foam and is responsible for the adaptive properties of the mattress. At, you can get a wide range of memory foam mattresses to suit all types of preferences. When buying a memory foam mattress, the thickness of the memory foam layer determines the comfort level of the mattress. A good quality memory foam mattress should have a thick top layer. If it is thick enough, when one lays on the mattress it responds to their body temperature and conforms to the body shape of the user. This has the effect of relieving pressure across the body and allowing a proper flow of blood to all parts. One can therefore not suffer numbness on the mattress even if they are bed-ridden for a while. Also if one has suffered a limb injury in the recent past, sleeping on a mattress of memory foam aids in recovery because it offers just the right amount of support without putting undue pressure on the high points. Another significant advantage of a good memory foam mattress UK is the ability of the mattress to align a user’s spine in a neutral position during sleep. The sleeping position does not matter because whenever one turns, the spine is still properly aligned. This outstanding benefit relaxes the lower back and ensures the maintenance of a proper sleeping posture eliminating the main cause of back problems.  One thing that sets the memory foam apart from the ordinary foam mattress is its ability to bounce back to its original shape. This enduring property makes it a durable choice because one does not have to keep turning it over. At the same time it maintains its original shape even after repeated use. As one goes about shopping, they will discover the availability of many brands of memory foam mattresses UK. To be safe, it is best to go for established brands because they are more likely to offer high quality mattresses. The advantage of these brands is that in most cases they have packages of memory foam beds that include both the mattress and bed. The mattress density is another consideration to keep in mind. If the mattress is meant for a child, a medium density mattress will suffice. However for an adult, it is best to choose a high density mattress for proper support as well as durability. The depth of the mattress also has a role to play. For a heavy person, the mattress should have sufficient depth to support their weight. Purchasing a mattress also involves confirming the base of the memory foam bed. The performance of a memory foam mattress is affected by a slatted bed base. For best results, the base of the bed should be solid. Purchasing a quality memory foam mattress offers one the chance to enjoy its comfortable rewards for a long time. We invite you to browse through our site for a suitable memory foam mattress.

Read About 3ft Single Memory Foam Mattresses

3ft Single Memory Foam Mattresses If one is looking to furnish a children’s bedroom, a 3ft single mattress is the ideal choice. This mattress size is useful for a number of functions. Apart from being used by a child, it can be used by a teenager and an adult. For the child, it is a spacious mattress while for the adult it is a basic size that just fits. This mattress measuring 3ft x 6’3”(36” x 75”) or 90 x 190 cm is also commonly referred to as the standard single. At, one can find a wide range of single memory foam mattresses. One of the most compelling reasons for purchasing a 3ft memory foam mattress for your child is because of the durability of the mattress. It can serve them from their early years right through and sometimes past their teenage years. Being a tough mattress, it can also withstand the rough use that children are known for. For adults with very limited space, the mattress is a practical solution for their sleeping needs. Another good reason for choosing the mattress is because of its comfort, it affords the user a good night’s sleep. This is especially important for school going children because research has shown that children who sleep well perform better in school. This is also supported by further developments that prove that humans memorize information during sleep. Individuals who do not get enough sleep tend to be more absent-minded. It is therefore important for children to sleep well to memorize the information they learn at school. A memory foam mattress also has pressure relieving properties that offer proper support for user’s limbs. This support is vital for children because their bones are in the growth stage and require a good sleeping posture for proper bone development. The density of a memory foam single mattress should be different for a child and an adult. For the adult, a high density mattress is recommended whereas the child can still enjoy a comfortable sleep on a medium density mattress. The mattress has an ability to conform to a users body offering them an all round support. This good support is useful for adults who work hard and need a soothing rest after a long day’s work. It is also useful for children who spend their day jumping up and down and are usually totally tired by bedtime. Purchasing the memory foam mattress single requires one to be keen on the brand name. Established brands are a good bet because they are in most cases made to high quality standards. It is also a good idea to look at the warranty terms. Well known brands usually have the best warranty conditions. If one has budgetary limitations, they can still purchase top brands during special seasonal offers. However, if the mattress is to be used for young children, then it is best to go for a mattress with a leak-proof cover to protect against any accidental bed-wetting. The depth of the mattress is also determined by the weight of the user. An adult requires a thick mattress for adequate support while the child can manage with a shallow mattress. For more information, one can visit to learn more about the 3ft memory foam mattress.

Read About Small Double Memory Foam Mattresses

Small Double Memory Foam Mattress For a young person on their first job and starting out in life, high rents are likely to confine one to a one-room accommodation. It is therefore important for such a person to make good use of the limited space. A small double memory foam mattress is ideal under the circumstances because it is spacious enough to offer enough sleeping space yet it is still economical on space. One can then make good use of the remaining space in the room for other functions. This mattress measuring 4’x6’3” (48” x 75”) or 120 x 190cm is a comfortable option for a single person. At, we have a vast selection of small double mattresses to suit all needs. The 4ft memory foam mattress is also a favourite of motels and other places offering short-term accommodation. It is cleverly sold as a large single bed or a double depending on the needs of the guests. If one were to purchase the small double memory foam mattress, the benefits to be gained are much more than just space economy. In case one works at a job that requires sitting all day, they are likely to develop lower back problems depending on the quality of their seat. Such an individual therefore needs a mattress that offers proper relaxation at night. The memory foam mattress fits the bill because it supports a user in the right posture necessary for a healthy back. It does this by aligning their spine in a neutral position hence reducing pressure on the lower back. The mattress maintains this support even when the user shifts position during sleep. A person sleeping on a small double memory foam mattress usually wakes up relaxed and feeling fresh. This has the effect of setting such a person on a success path throughout the day. The relaxed feeling is a result of the pressure relieving properties of the mattress. When one lies on the mattress, it adapts to the persons body shape and supports not just the pressure points but spreads the pressure to other parts of the body. The mattress therefore offers support for the whole body giving the user a totally relaxed feeling. Further, the mattress also has a powerful memory function that makes its surface bounce back to its original shape every time a user leaves the bed. This property is what makes the mattress outstanding in comparison with other mattress types. It does not sink or become uneven after repeated use and every time one lies on the mattress, it always feels as good as new. In case one has allergies, the memory foam mattress is a good choice because it has allergenic properties that protect it from common allergens such as dust mites and pests. As one goes shopping they should look out for quality brands. To choose a mattress with the proper level of support it is a good idea to check the ILD of the mattress brand. This simply refers to the Indentation Load Deflection or the firmness of the mattress. While some prefer soft mattresses, others prefer those with a hard surface. One can simply check on the label of the mattress, it is always indicated. For example an ILD rating of 13-15 represents a mattress with a medium level of firmness which is ideal for most users. At, one can get useful direction and advice on the best memory foam mattress for their specific needs.

Read About Double Memory Foam Mattresses

Double Memory Foam Mattress For practical reasons, the double size mattress is the most common size across the board. One of the reasons might be because it is just the right size for a standard bedroom. With the size of living spaces especially in city apartments reducing, larger beds may not fit in some of the bedrooms. Apart from that fact, the double mattress is the most versatile size. It can be used by a child, a teenager, an adult or even a couple. For a person looking for a mattress to offer amazing comforts, the memory foam double mattress is a fantastic choice. At, one can find the largest selection of double memory foam mattresses to choose from. Measuring 4ft 6” x 6ft 3” (54” x 75”) or 135 x 190 cm, the mattress is available in different depths, colours and comes in a variety of mattress covers types. For an individual living alone, a memory foam mattress double provides comfort and adequate sleeping space with room for tossing and turning. This mattress size is also likely to be found in almost all households. It is also a popular size in the hospitality industry with hotels loving it for accommodation of both individuals and couples. Apart from its functionality, a double memory foam mattress has other benefits. It is an extremely comfortable mattress because it has pressure relieving properties. A person lying on the mattress for long periods is unlikely to suffer from numbness on pressure points because the pressure is spread evenly. This pressure relief also makes the mattress a top choice for a bed-ridden person recovering from an illness or injury. The responsiveness of the mattress further allows it to adapt and conform to a user’s body providing them with exceptional support that is not available with other types of mattresses. If one is concerned about durability, the double memory foam mattress is the right choice. It does not sink after repeated use because the elasticity of its top layer allows it to revert to its original shape immediately after use. Making a purchase of this great mattress requires one to keep a few considerations in mind. If one plans to share the bed with a partner, a high density mattress is advisable to support the pressure from two users. For children and single persons, a medium density mattress is still a comfortable option. The second consideration has to be the depth of the mattress. A thick mattress is recommended for a heavy user while a light user can do with a shallow mattress. The brands name of the mattress matters a lot. Established brands have the required expertise and technology to produce high quality mattresses. Unless one is on a budget, it is advisable to choose well known mattress brands. However, one can still get a good memory foam mattress even with a limited budget. The quality of the bed should also be looked into. A memory foam double mattress is best used on a solid bed frame. Slatted bed surfaces reduce the efficiency of the mattress.  Shopping at offers one a wide range of quality double memory foam mattresses at competitive prices.

Read About King Size Memory Foam Mattresses

King Size Memory Foam Mattress It is said that the best things in life are free. Something like peace of mind is priceless yet plays an important part in a persons well being. One of the requirements of enjoying peace of mind is having an adequate amount of sleep. Proper sleep improves one’s productivity in all daily activities as well as improving their relations with others. Purchasing a king size memory foam mattress is the perfect way to enjoy a good night’s sleep alongside a partner. At 5' x 6'6" (60" x 78") or 150 x 200 cm, the mattress affords a couple enough space to sleep on the same bed yet have some room for individual movement. At, there are numerous brands of king size memory foam mattresses to choose from. Some of the mattresses are from well known brands while others are quality upcoming brands seeking to make a name in the market. Whatever preference one may have, there is a king memory foam mattress suitable them. It is said that no mattress compares to a quality memory foam. There are many reasons for this high regard for the mattress. The mattress has a cradling effect that supports the entire body of a user. A quality memory foam mattress king size spreads the pressure across a users body as a result of the exceptional cradling effect. A night spent on the bed means one wakes up feeling entirely refreshed and in a great mood. Another outstanding quality of a memory foam mattress king is the ability of the mattress to bounce back to its original shape. The Visco-elastic material that makes memory foam quickly bounces back to its former shape when a person leaves the bed. This has the double advantage of making the mattress durable and also a person sleeping on the mattress experiences a new mattress feeling every time they lay to sleep. This is also the reason it is not necessary to flip over the mattress on a regular basis. Even after continued use for a long time, the surface of the mattress does not sag or become uneven. One of the biggest benefits of a kingsize memory foam mattress is evident when one partner is restless and tosses and turns in bed. The mattress absorbs the pressure of the restless person on their side of the bed and ensures the sleeping partner is not disturbed by the movement of their partner. This makes the memory foam mattress king size the ideal choice for couples with different sleeping habits. The material that makes up the memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic and resistant to mites. For a user with allergies, the mattress is a good and hygienic choice. Being a luxury mattress, a king size memory foam mattress is available in a range of exciting covers. There are the cool mattress cover types such as bamboo and coolmax or the absorbent types such as cotton. Depending on one’s preference and taste, there is a cover for their needs. The mattress is also available in different depths and the weight of the users determines the right depth. As a rule, a thick high density mattress will last much longer than a mattress of similar quality but with a shallow depth. At the, pure luxury is just a matter of choice.

Read About Super King Size Memory Foam Mattresses

Super King Size Memory Foam Mattress The fruits of hard work are said to be sweet. This is because as one enjoys the privileges and comforts that come with success, they appreciate the sacrifices that come with it. Having a restful sleep is one of the main factors that contribute to a person’s overall success. People who are successful usually give priority to conditions that favour good sleep. A large and well designed bedroom, a quality bed and a top quality mattress are a good combination for a comfortable sleep. For best results, the mattress has to be a quality super king memory foam mattress. At, one can find the best quality super king size memory foam mattress of their choice. The mattress not only offers unmatched levels of luxury but is also the best choice for a couple who value their comfort. Measuring 6' x 6'6" (72" x 78) or 180 x 200 cm, the mattress offers a grand way to enjoy sleep. A couple can not only have their individual space but can comfortably take breakfast, read a book and other leisure activities on this spacious mattress. In terms of comfort, the super king size memory foam mattress has no match. As one sleeps the mattress conforms to their body shape offering total support for their entire body. When one turns, the mattress absorbs the pressure and gently responds to their body warmth to support the new position.  For a couple, the movement of one partner does not vibrate to the other partner’s side and they therefore continue enjoying sleep without any interruption. The memory foam mattress is so comfortable that doctor’s recommend it to their patients suffering from sleep disorders. Choosing a super king memory foam mattress is a guarantee of a durable mattress. Upon a user leaving the bed, the memory properties of the mattress make it bounce back its original shape. The next time one lays on the mattress, it feels as if it is a new mattress all over again. This feature of the mattress keeps it in near perfect condition for many years. It is not even necessary to flip the mattress as one has to do with other mattress types. In addition, a memory foam mattress is the answer to a person who may be experiencing back problems. In most cases, the cause of lower back pain is a poor sitting and sleeping posture. The mattress has the unique ability of aligning a user’s spine in a neutral position during sleep. Being a responsive mattress, even when the user shifts position, the mattress continues to support their spine in the neutral position. This support relieves the pressure from the lower back and eliminates the lower back pain. After sleeping on the mattress for a while, the problem disappears. The mattress is also recommended for people recovering from injuries such as hip or joint fractures. It offers a good level of support that relieves the pressure on pressure points leading to a faster healing process. It is clear that for a person who wishes to take care of their sleep and in effect their health, a memory foam mattress is an excellent choice. At, one is welcome to browse through an extensive range of quality memory foam mattresses.


3ft single memory foam mattress

Single Memory Foam Mattress

3' x 6’3” (36" x 75") 90 x 190 cm
4ft6 double memory foam mattress

Double Memory Foam Mattress

4’6” x 6’3” (54″ x 75″) 135 x 190 cm
4ft small double memory foam mattress

Small Double Memory Foam Mattress

4’ x 6’3” (48" x 75") 120 x 190 cm
5ft kingsize memory foam mattress

Kingsize Memory Foam Mattress

5’ x 6’6” (60" x 78") 150 x 200 cm
2ft6 small single memory foam mattress

Small Single Memory Foam Mattress

2’6” x 6’3” (30" x 75") 75 x 190 cm
6ft superking memory foam mattress

Superking Memory Foam Mattress

6’ x 6’6” (72" x 78") 180 x 200 cm


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Mattress Size Guide Feet and Inches Centimetres
Small Single (Children's) 2’6” x 6’3” (30" x 75") 75 x 190 cm
Single 3' x 6’3” (36" x 75") 90 x 190 cm
Small Double 4’ x 6’3” (48" x 75") 120 x 190 cm
Double 4’6” x 6’3” (54″ x 75″) 135 x 190 cm
Kingsize 5’ x 6’6” (60" x 78") 150 x 200 cm
Superking 6’ x 6’6” (72" x 78") 180 x 200 cm

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